School Dress Code

Appropriate dress shows respect for the learning environment, consideration for others and a positive self-image.
It is the parents' responsibility to assist their children in using sound judgement and common sense when dressing for school.

The guidelines are as follows:

  • clothing should be comfortable and not restrict movement
  • styles should not be distracting, revealing, suggestive, or disturbing to others
  • graphics, designs, or messages (actual or implied) must be appropriate and support the school Code of Behaviour as well as Board Policies. Profanity, advertising the ause of alcohol, tobacco or drugs, or promoting violence, are not acceptable.
  • this also applies to personal items such as binders, pencil cases, jewellery, etc.
  • undergarments must not be visible
  • footwear must be worn by students at all times; non-marking running shoes are needed for gym
  • students must remove jewellery when participating in gym class
  • hats may not be worn in classrooms
  • Parents are asked to choose clothing for young children that they can manage themselves when they are required to undress/dress independently.
  • All clothing items should be labelled to avoid confusion and loss. Children in the same class may have identical boots, snowpants, etc. Items of value should be left at home. The school cannot assume the responsibility for personal items that are lost. The final decision on the suitability of an item of clothing for school wear will be made by school staff.

Exceptions to the dress code can be made for individual students for medical or religious reasons.

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